Subbies Rep Team

28 April 2017

Subbies Rep Team

The Subbies Board is pleased to announce a restructuring of how the Subbies Rep Team will be managed.

A diverse group of people have been tasked with liaising with clubs, selecting the squad and, of course, coaching.

Each division will have a nominated selector, being one of the 1st grade coaches from the applicable division.

Whilst this will enable most players to be seen in action, inevitably some players will not be seen and so clubs and players are still encouraged to nominate players for selection.

Please use the nomination form or please contact the applicable person below:







Matt Barlow


0437 928 470


Dave Burnett


0415 299 278


Warren Hodge


0477 740 711


Luke Calavassy


0414 563 993

Div 1 Selector

Steve Nicholls


0434 601 072

Div 2 Selector

John Morrison


0400 353 991

Div 3 Selector

Chip Carroll


0424 676 267

Div 4 Selector

Mark Bernays


0401 050 337

Div 5 Selector

Lloyd Kirby-Bailey


0418 855 840

Div 6 Selector

Ronnie Westdorp


0405 691 149


The 2017 Subbies Rep Team is due to play two matches in June - NSW Country and Queensland Subbies.

The Board is most grateful to all those who have so kindly offered their time and expertise to coach, manage and assemble the best possible team to represent our Union. 

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