Penalties for Breach of Amateur Status


If a club or player is found by the Integrity Committee to have breached the conditions relating to Amateur Status, the penalty to be imposed shall be determined by the Integrity Committee, or in the case of suspension or expulsion of a club, by the Board.

Such penalty may comprise any or all of the following:-

1. In relation to a club-

  1. Loss of points earned in the games played while the Club was so in breach;
  2. Relegation of the Club up to two divisions for the following season;
  3. Loss of premiership points for the following season;
  4. A fine; or
  5. Suspension from any or all minor premiership or finals matches in a season or seasons.

2. In relation to a player –

  1. Refusal of registration, or de-registration;
  2. Suspension for such period as the Integrity Committee deems appropriate.

Provided that, if a club or player voluntarily admits that it or he has breached such conditions, the Integrity Committee or Board may, in their discretion, determine that no penalty be imposed.

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